Hi Folks !

Let’s talk about the benefits of having your own “Positive Reinforcement Coach.”

  • Do you have a Good Listener in Your Life?
  • Would you like some Support on your Ideas?
  • Need an Objective Opinion or maybe No Opinion At All?
  • Tired of Being Told what To Do, Easily Influenced and Pushed around?
  • Beginning to Wonder if you are Capable?
  • Tired of hearing the “Why Nots” and the “Why You Can’ts”

Are you ready to replace Doubt with Confidence and Comfort?

If You are Feeling Confused or are having any Doubts about yourself or about anything you are doing, then “IT IS ABSOLUTELY TIME” for a Positive Reinforcement Coach to Support You!

A Positive Reinforcement Coach can help you to Uncover Your Own Future and feel very comfortable about what lies ahead for you!

Most of the time we have a tendency to go out with a friend to either download or cheer up; or maybe Both ! But sometimes we may not want our friends to know exactly EVERYTHING. And that is where your Positive Reinforcement Coach comes in. Let your friends be your thermometer instead of your sounding board. When they notice you are looking, acting or feeling different because of a little attitude adjustment, then you will KNOW you must be on the Right Track!

Just imagine the feeling you will have when a family member or friend says “ Oh I wish I had your peacefulness” or “ I wish I had your confidence” or “why are you so happy lately?” Well, get yourself ready for those questions, because when you have the Unconditional Support that we all deserve and require, your new Enthusiasm for Life will be difficult to hide !!


I had ideas about what I wanted to do, but certain people “unnamed” of course, seem to influence me with their doubts, fears and concerns. I felt it was right to move forward, however, the Risks began to overwhelm me. After working with my Positive Support Coach, I finally Knew I was on the right track and was able to move forward.


Stressed and distracted, it became increasingly difficult to process happy thoughts. My conscious mind was filled with concerns of daily life. Having time with my Positive Support Coach, was the Best Thing I could have done for myself. I was amazed at the difference it made in my attitude. Then I noticed how things began to change around me when my ATTITUDE changed . Could life really be so simple? Well, I can say it sure made a difference for me.


I always seem to have new ideas and could not find anyone objective enough to discuss my ideas with. Now with my Positive Support Coach, I can share my thoughts with someone I trust to give me an honest opinion without any hidden agenda and to give it to me in a way that makes me feel good whether it was a good idea or not. Positive reinforcement has given me the courage to start over again just when I needed support the most.


So to sum this up, let me just say this:

If we believe there is a Higher Power in this Universe that Loves us unconditionally and wants the Best for us, then we can understand how this Powerful Source would use various ways to speak to us through a Book, a Song, a Friend, a Relative or a “Coach that specializes in Positive Support.

Look for the Positive Influences in Your Life and if those influences have grown weak with trials and burdens, then YOU may be the one called on to be the coach. Are you READY?

When you have the SUPPORT of your very own personal Positive Reinforcement Coach to help YOU STAY ON TRACK, it will feel much easier to pass some love and encouragement on to others.

Why Me !

Maybe because I have been doing this all my life without even recognizing it. When people began to offer to pay me for my time, I discovered there was truly a need for human support. So I decided to do what I love and what comes natural. Then suddenly without realizing it; this service began to “support me.”

I am just a simple woman who loves to listen, love and support all living things. Yes, I have more than my share of certificates hanging on the wall; after all these years. And I absolutely have a very diversified life full of many phenomenal experiences. All of that helps in giving directions and giving advice, but that is not what people are looking for.

Our friends and family have plenty of advice to give us. Sometimes we need someone who is not so familiar with us to just LISTEN to what we have to say and what we are feeling. Sometimes it would be wonderful to hear an objective opinion or to get some positive reinforcement on our thoughts and ideas. Wouldn’t it be nice to be appreciated for who we are and what we have accomplished or what we hope to accomplish.

1294198353_phone POSITIVE  REINFORCEMENT  COACHCall 877 350 1481 for an Appointment today and give yourself a Freedom Talk!  Isn’t it about time !!